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Are you looking for a good program to help you get started in affiliate marketing? Chances are that you will come across Success With Pete, if you have not already. This program has created a huge buzz in the world of online marketing. Many people are talking about it, from experienced online marketers, to newbies. Part of this is because this product is the creation of two famous affiliate marketers, Craig Kaye and Rob Walker. These two individuals have been in the spotlight before after having created their infamous commission black ops program. This program was also a hot selling clickbank product, which enabled Craig and Rob to earn tons of cash. As such, they are online marketing gurus in their own right, and anyone would want to learn a thing or two from them.
Now with their latest product, Success With Pete, Craig and Rob have tried to redefine affiliate marketing. Their program is a mix of affiliate marketing techniques and automated software. With it, you can create small niche websites at the click of a button. Everything has been laid out for you, from website building tools, to keyword and niche research resources. Craig and Rob even provide a complete set of training videos to help users learn how to operate the system with ease.
However, one major concern that most people have with ‘point and click’ online marketing applications is whether they are legit. Much of this can be owned to the fact the internet is packed with tons of rip-off deals for online marketing applications, which claim to make you an overnight millionaire but they do not deliver. So this begs the question, is Success With Pete a scam? Well, there are many people that have gone ahead to call it a scam. One the other hand, some have come out to say that, if it were not for this program, they would not have earned their first dollar online. Therefore, one can arguably say that the scam claims about Success With Pete result either from people that did not use the program as required or those that bought the wrong application.
In order to avoid falling victim to the scam claims, here are a few things that you need to do.
Download the Software from the Official Success With Pete Website
Success With Pete is available only on the main product website designed by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker. Any sources that claim to help you download the program directly are outright scams. You need to be on the lookout for such websites because they are just out to take your money. Such sources will provide an imitation of the software, which unfortunately does not work as expected. Most of the times, people are lured into buying fake applications with bonus offers and price discounts. However, don’t fall for these tricks and instead visit the main Success With Pete website to be on the safe side.
Use Reliable Review Websites
This program is on the clickbank marketplace, which means that there are many affiliate marketers trying to get people to buy it. As such, you will come across many review websites that promote Craig and Rob’s affiliate marketing system. Again, these sites do not have the real software download. They only provide a link that will direct you to the main product website. If you come across sites which claim to offer you a direct download link of Success With Pete that is definitely a scam. Keep in mind that this program is only available on the main website created by its developers.
Make use of Success With Pete as Instructed
The question as to whether this affiliate marketing software will work for you boils down to how well you use it. The fact that many people have seen significant results with it means that you can also be one of the success stories. For this to happen, make sure to go through the training videos thoroughly. This will allow you to know how to use every tool that Rob and Craig have offered. Overlooking the need to take time and learn how this system works will only compromise the results that you will get. This is one mistake that many people make, and hence the claims about Success With Pete being a scam.
The use of automated software to earn money through affiliate marketing has been met with a lot of skepticism. This is because most programs being produced by so called ‘online marketing gurus’ simply don’t work. Others do not live up to the promises that they claim to offer. But, if you come across a program that has worked for some people, this means that it is worth a try. Success With Pete has helped many people to earn money online. You can also use this application to your advantage, but make sure to avoid falling for the scam claims and use the program as the creators instruct you to.

Click here to visit Success With Pete homepage

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